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From the Author Following the publication of my first book, the I LOVE NEW YORK GUIDE, the most comprehensive guidebook ever done to the city, I found the one question that arose again and again was 'where is a romantic place...? It seemed to be the one area where people would draw a blank when they needed to be imaginative. The popularity of the course I taught at the Learning Annex on romantic and unusual things to do in the city, confirmed my suspicion that this was an area where people needed help. When the first edition of ROMANTIC N.Y. was published in 1996, the primary reaction it elicited from people was 'what a good idea!' -- as if it were a work of fiction. Happily it is not. Everything featured in the book exists within the five boroughs, are all highly accessible, and most are highly affordable. For savvy New Yorkers it serves as an aide memoir, reminding them of places they may have forgotten in the rushed pace of life in the fast lane of the fastest town. But it's more than a book of romantic restaurants and bars, and it's more than a book for lovers. Primarily, it's a wonderful reminder of what all the fuss is about. ROMANTIC N.Y. celebrates the city itself, and even if like me you're a native, you will still find places that can amaze and delight. And if you are also in love in this wonderful town -- well, how lucky can you get. Read more From the Back Cover When was the last time . . .you danced under the stars . . .dined by firelight . . .took afternoon tea . . . had a picnic on an island . . . strolled a lovers' lane . . . sailed in moonlight . . .stayed at a bed and breakfast . . .rode in a gondola. . . . watched a film alfresco . . .kissed under a bridge . . .all without leaving New York City. Like slow thoughts for fast times, Marilyn Appleberg's ROMANTIC N.Y. Serves to remind the harried just how much there is in this city for the heart to savor -- with or without a companion -- if you just know where to look. *A Baedeker of bests *A handy reference for all who love the city *A gentle reminder that there's more to life than takeout and a video Marilyn Appleberg redefined the New York guidebook for New Yorkers with her critically acclaimed best-selling I LOVE NEW YORK GUIDE. Now her ROMANTIC N.Y. is showing them a new way to look at their city. Read more See all Editorial Reviews