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Review 'Likeable, lucid, with a big soul. Ormsby offers reality - today's Romania.' - Formula AS'Romania's British Caragiale. You die laughing.'?- Cotidianul'Does not play our national sport of turning away.' - Romania Libera'Merits pride of place on any bookshelf.' - Foaia Transilvana'Better than a guide book.' - Tribune?'He clearly appreciates our charisma.' - Elle?'Very good portraitist.' - Cultural Observer'Full of charm, a lot of English humor.'?- Ziarul de Iasi'Had me laughing at man's utter fallibility in the face of absurdity. And I loved Romania more with every page.' - Read more About the Author Mike Ormsby?was born in Ormskirk, and grew up on Merseyside, England. He is the author of'Never Mind the Balkans, Here's Romania'?(2008),?'Spinner the Winner'?(2012),?'Child Witch Kinshasa'?(2013), and?'Child Witch London'?(2014). His screenplay?'Hey, Mr DJ!'(2005) was filmed in Kigali and topped the bill at Rwanda's first?Hillywood Film Festival.?His script?'Enfants Dits Sorciers'?(2002) was filmed in Kinshasa. His script?'In Her Own Image'(2000) was?optioned in Los Angeles and, well, that was that. Mike is a former?BBC?journalist/World Service trainer. He is based in a mountain village in?Transylvania, Romania, where he has lived for 500 years. Read more