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From the Author Quick tips for preparing for GRE math:1. Begin studying at least 3 months before the GRE.2. Practice GRE math problems for 20 minutes each day.3. Choose a consistent study time and location for your GRE prep.4. Every time you get an GRE question wrong, mark it off.5. Redo GRE math problems you have marked off every few days.6. If you get a problem wrong again, keep it marked off.7. Try to solve each problem in more than one way.8. Learn test taking strategies that work specifically for standardized tests.9. Focus on GRE math problems at and slightly above your current level.10. Take four official GRE practice tests before test day. Read more About the Author Dr. Steve Warner is a mathematician and test prep expert who has been tutoring students in mathematics for standardized tests since 1999. During this time Dr. Warner has used the feedback from thousands of students to develop a unique system that can be used by anyone to drastically improve his or her math score in a very short period of time. Read more