Book Description

Kabir Academy MCAT Organic Chemistry is an innovative guide designed to help MCAT students master the important organic chemistry fundamentals tested on the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). This guide was written specifically to simplify the organic chemistry topics that can be tested on the MCAT, ensuring students understand every topic so they can eventually master all concepts that can be potentially tested on the MCAT. This guide will help you master the basic mechanisms in organic chemistry and show you how to utilize these fundamentals to understand the more complex mechanisms that so many students struggle with. We are confident our guide will help you in your studies and make organic chemistry much easier for you to understand. This guide also includes the exclusive test-taking strategies that we teach through our Kabir Academy online MCAT course. We believe our strategies are among the best in the country, as they were designed specifically for the MCAT. We hope you enjoy this educational experience!