Book Description

From the Back Cover The New SAT Prep Book for Reading, Writing and Math Mastery provides you with strategies that have been developed and tested for the last forty years. The effectiveness of these strategies has been proven by many students who have achieved perfect scores after using them on actual SATs. The authors have deftly adapted these time tested techniques for the newly revised SAT which provides several new challenges and requires new skills. By reading this book you will learn how to think more analytically, to read between the lines, and to take the SAT with the confidence you need to achieve a perfect 800 on each section. The explanations for each question get right to the point in the clearest way possible making the book an efficient and effective tool for success. To get an answer wrong, you must be pushed away from the right answer and toward a wrong one. The explanations presented here will train you to avoid falling into the test makers' traps. Inside this book you will find 20 reading passages, 12 grammar passages, 240 math problems arranged by topic and difficulty level, and 3 sample essays. There are 795 questions in total with complete explanations. The passages cover a wide range of topics and the authors' graceful writing style will have you improving your SAT score quickly and effortlessly. Read more About the Author Larry Ronaldson has been teaching SAT for thirty-nine years in high schools, small groups and one-on-one. Fifty- four of his students have received perfect scores on the reading part and seventy-four on the grammar/writing part in the past fifteen years. He has taught in private and public schools for forty-six years. Mr. Ronaldson has a Master's degree in English Literature from City University of New York and now lives in Seattle. Tom Speedling a New York native, received his Bachelor of Arts from St. Bonaventure University. After returning from Vietnam, he received a Master's of Science Education from Richmond College. Mr. Speedling taught in the New York city and state school systems for more than forty years. He has also tutored students for the SAT for twenty years and written numerous newspaper articles.Dr. Steve Warner is a mathematician and test prep expert who has been tutoring students in mathematics for standardized tests since 1999. During this time Dr. Warner has used the feedback from thousands of students to develop a unique system that can be used by anyone to drastically improve his or her math score in a very short period of time. Read more