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Review Crammed with situations both wildly funny and at times acutely dangerous, McCarey's enthralling story will capture his readers' hearts and minds as they travel with him through exotic sightings and harrowing experiences they will never forget. --Rosemary Daniell, NY Times best-selling author, Sleeping with SoldiersFrom the boisterous anarchy of his hardscrabble home in the Hudson Valley through his far-ranging exploits as a young seaman in the merchant marine, McCarey's tales are festive adventures, lively and mischievous, soulful and sincere. --Geoff Luck, Executive Producer, National Geographic.There is more to Oceans Apart than wonderfully written sea stories, McCarey manages to convey the eternal youthful optimism, the sense of wonder and adventure that has seen many a boy go down to the sea, only to return a man. --John Kretschmer, NY Times best-selling author. Read more About the Author Kevin McCarey had worked as a merchant marine deck officer and oceanographer when he quit life at sea to study filmmaking at the University of Oregon. He worked on the Peabody Award-winning series Portrait of America and won Emmys for writing and directing. His documentary Trumpet of Conscience and narrative short San Juan Story were both Academy Award semi-finalists. He has also written and supervised films for National Geographic, including Dolphins: The Wild Side, Roar! One Man's Pride, Sea Monsters, and Tigers of the Snow. He currently lives in Savannah, Georgia. Read more