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About the Author Randy L. Thurman, CPA, CFP and a runner I am a runner, but it didn't start out that way. On January 2nd, I weighed in at a svelte 205 pounds. At 5' 9' my doctor tells me I am at least 40 pounds overweight. So it is decision time. Do I continue down the path of master couch potato? Or do I decide to do something about my physical fitness? The audio book is telling me, 'What goal would you set if you knew it was impossible to fail' So I set a crazy goal: to lose 40 pounds and run a marathon within the year, at age 50. The first day, running to the mail box was a stretch, but I did walk 1.5 miles. Exhausted, the next day, I came back for more. 2 mail boxes this time, and a 2 mile walk. And so it went, for 11 months to when I ran, 26.2 miles at Tulsa's Route 66 marathon. A crazy, audacious goal? Perhaps. There were days when I don't know if I could run a marathon. Now, there will be a lifetime knowing that I have. The toughest part, beyond starting, was staying motivated. I entered races, watched running DVDs, read running books, etc. Outside of entering races, what helped me most is reading and memorizing motivational running quotes. Some were inspirational, some humorous, some simply, 'real'. I started collecting quotes from DVDs, books, and magazines. I searched the internet for running quotes. At racing events, I wrote down bumper stickers and sayings on shirts. I used these motivational quotes to help me stay motivated on my 11 month journey. Crazy? Maybe. But I'm proud to be a marathoner. In my other life, I'm a CPA and a Certified Financial Planner. I run a Fee-Only Investment Advisory practice in Oklahoma City, OK with 14 employees. There are many parallels to running a marathon and long-term investment success, but I will leave that for another day. My wife is a triathlete and I have considered doing a tri, but they won't let me in the pool with floaties on. My son Levi, is just now taking up running. I hope Read more