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Review ?Finally, after all the buzz on the Law of Attraction, Kathryn Orford gives us the missing link?the key to becoming your number one fan, developing your self-worth, and really believing in your dreams. In this life-changing book, Kathryn provides the tools to produce results by developing your worthiness and learning to truly love yourself. And therein lies the real secret to manifesting all of your dreams. --Dr. Sugar Singleton Marcy, cellular memory expert, bestselling author, and international speaker --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Read more About the Author Known as The Confidence Coach, Kathryn Orford has spent her entire adult life empowering people to believe in themselves. She has trained with the worlds leading experts in Self Esteem, Self Belief, Human Potential and Peak Performance. Kathryn loves working with elite level athletes, performers, sales people and high achievers. And has a 100% success rate. She is in demand as a speaker, peak performance coach and personal and professional development trainer. And has clients scattered all around the world producing results they?d only previously dreamt of! Kathryn?s latest book 'Become your #1 Fan ~ How to Silence your Inner Critic and Live the Life of your Dreams' is a Best Seller in the US and Australia and features in the Hollywood Movie ?Butterfly Caught? due for release in August 2015. Read more