Book Description

CAROLINA BAYS, MIMA MOUNDS, SUBMARINE CANYONS is one of 22 volumes in the Catalog of Anomalies published by The Sourcebook Project. The catalog provides an objective, unsensationalized compilation of anomalous phenomena, difficult to explain observations, and curiosities of nature in the fields of astronomy, biology, archeology, geophysics, and geology. The focus of this volume is topographic phenomena. The ups and downs of the Earth?s surface exhibit many anomalies. Could continental drift be inferior to the expanding-earth hypothesis? Have ocean levels fluctuated wildly over the eons? Some of the topics covered include Carolina Bays and Oriented Lakes * Large Circular Structures * Immense Craters * Raised Beaches * Guyots (Flat-Topped Seamounts) * Island Arcs * Doubts about Plate Tectonics (Continental Drift) * Mima Mounds * Drumlin Anomalies * Patterned Ground * Esker Problems * Lake Walls and Ramparts * Crevicular Structure * and Submarine Canyons. CAROLINA BAYS, MIMA MOUNDS, SUBMARINE CANYONS contains 84 illustrations and intriguing accounts collected from references including the American Journal of Science, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Geographical Review, Geological Society of America Bulletin, Journal of Geology, Journal of Geophysical Research, Nature, New Scientist, Science, Science News Letter, and Scientific American to name a few. Over 680 citations are referenced and indexed five ways, by Time, Place, First Author, Source, and Subject. The indexes are cross-referenced to each entry in the book to aid the reader in locating original source materials and conducting independent research. Read more