Book Description

From the Author Many infertile couples are in great turmoil, but they keep their silence. May this book help them find a voice with which to express their feelings to others. In writing this, I also hope to educate those who walk closely with infertile couples in order to help them understand the depth of their suffering. Mostly though, I want this book to be my way of entering the home of a childless woman, bringing hope and comfort and a hug, and tenderly whispering, 'Come here, sister, don't you hate this pain? I do, too. But with God's help, you'll make it.' Read more About the Author Vicki Caswell has infertility battle scars. She and Ed were married in 1992. They conceived a child in 1995, but the pregnancy sadly resulted in miscarriage. Both Vicki and Ed are strong Christian believers who have dealt with doubts, depression, and feeling abandoned by the Lord. Through the medical procedures, surgeries, anger, disappointment, and depression, Vicki wrote of her disillusionment, and sought answers from the Bible. Vicki and Ed live in Ohio with their dog ('furry child'), Sadie. Read more