Book Description

Almost everyone can recall a special individual-a kindly second-grade teacher, a tough but caring coach, an idealistic history instructor-who went beyond the call of duty and left an imprint on us for the rest of our lives. To Honor a Teacher is a keepsake gift book that pays tribute to those all-important mentors who helped to mold us in our school days. It contains original prose and poetry tributes to such mentors, written by a diverse range of contributors. Some entries are short, others longer; some are painstakingly crafted, others are the simple words of everyday people. Contributors include James Earl Jones, Robert Bly, Joannne Woodward, Pete Seeger, Sylvia Boorstein, and Ara Parseghian. To Honor a Teacher is a perfect gift to be given by current students, former students, parents who want to recognize a teacher's work with their child, administrators who want to award excellence, and teachers who want to honor their colleagues.