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Book Description ?Studying the wisdom passed down to us through literature helps us realizethe impact of everything we say and do, from the shortest words to thesmallest gestures,?says Sir John Templeton. His anthology of prayers, poems,and prose that offer guidance and inspiration for our lives is now back inprint in a new edition.In this book, he presents his personal favorites, including Bible passages,works of theology, science, poems, songs, hymns, sermons, fiction, history,and other written forms of expression that have helped shape his life. Theselections are organized by theme:?Talking with God: Passages that deal with God speaking to us and our?speaking to God?The Power of the Spirit: Faith, Hope, and Charity?The Power of Love: Love and Happiness?The Optimum State of Mind: Mind Power, Positive Thinking,Willpower?Building on Dreams: Courage, Enthusiasm, Progress?Winning through Humility: Humility, Pride?Building a Cathedral: Creativity, Perseverance,Work?God?s Open Door: Thanksgiving, Giving, ForgivenessThere are lessons in the short passages that enrich and bring joy to life.?From the Bible, from philosophers and poets, and from other writers, webegin to form a clear understanding of the spiritual and ethical laws of life.The world?s literature teaches us valuable lessons that no amount of moneycan buy.Those lessons are there for everyone. They are free and they arepriceless.??John Marks Templeton --This text refers to the Paperback edition. Read more About the Author John Marks Templeton has been described by The New York Times Magazine as 'the dean of global investing', and is the founder of the Templeton group of mutual funds. He retired in 1992 and now devotes his time to philanthropic activities, principally via the John Templeton Foundation, which is dedicated to progress in the areas of science and religion, spirituality and health, moral education and the appreciation of freedom, free markets and free societies. Read more See all Editorial Reviews