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Review -In 'Religious Pluralism in the Academy', Robert J. Nash opens the window on a topic in American higher education shuttered much too long - promoting real dialogue on religion and spirituality across the academy. Through six engaging narratives of differing images and beliefs, Nash tells the story of student spirituality with the perception of a philosopher, the passion of a polemist, and the craft of a very gifted teacher. A must read for educators - faculty and administrators alike - committed to responding to the deepest questions in students' lives.- (C. Carney Strange, Professor, Bowling Green State University; Author, 'Educating by Design: Creating Campus Learning Environments That Work') -Robert J. Nash brings uncommon learning and experience and the earnestness of a seasoned pilgrim to the topic of religious pluralism in higher education. He is deeply insightful regarding the multiple religious narratives currently on campuses, as well as the promise of 'moral conversation' for constructing a civil life together. This is crucial reading for student affairs staff, faculty, religious workers - all those who care about developing students' worldviews and civil selves.- (Michael D. Waggoner, Professor, University of Northern Iowa; Editor, 'Religion and Education')' Read more About the Author The Author: Robert J. Nash is Professor in the College of Education and Social Services, University of Vermont. He has earned five degrees, including a doctorate in philosophy of education from Boston University. His most recent books include ?Real World? Ethics, Answering the ?Virtuecrats?, and Faith, Hype, and Clarity. He has published over 100 scholarly articles and book chapters on a variety of topics in education, applied ethics, and religion and spirituality. Read more