Book Description

From the Back Cover This exceptional work, with entries from Rav Abba to Rav Zutra, is an unprecedented study of every rabbi in the Talmud. The reader will find concise entries on every rabbinic personality mentioned in the Talmud, major and minor alike, and will discover such facts as their dates of birth, education, and occupation. Most entries are accompanied by a brief story about the rabbinic personality with sources cited for easy reference. Who's Who in the Talmud also includes a lengthy introduction to the Talmud in general and offers a lucid understanding of the timeless importance of aggadic (homiletic) literature. The reader will acquire valuable insight into the issues involved in reading talmudic stories as the author differentiates between truth and parable, law and lore. The author also chronicles the history and development of the Oral Law noting the variety of changes it underwent in its transmission from generation to generation and leaving no doubt as to the wisdom and the ways of our sages from centuries ago. Read more About the Author Shulamis Frieman received her teacher's degree from Beth Jacob of Jerusalem and graduated summa cum laude from Touro College. She has been involved in a number of writing and research projects for Jason Aronson Inc. and various journals. Her present volume on the great sages of the Talmud was inspired by her upbringing as the daughter of a community rabbi; her earliest memories are set in a home containing an extensive library of the holy books of the Talmud and its vast commentaries, including novellas on the Talmud written by her own illustrious forebears. The author and her husband, Rabbi Gil Frieman, currently live in Brooklyn, New York, where she is pursuing a career in psychology and assisting her husband in teaching and outreach to benefit the Jewish community. Read more