Book Description

From the Back Cover Do frequent mistakes in English usage cause you embarrassment, impede communication, and slow down your flow of thought? With the help of this book you can use these mistakes to solve most, or all, of the everyday problems that come up in your speaking and writing. Rather than merely laying out the sometimes formidable rules and terms of English language usage, this volume focuses on common errors in sentence structure, word usage, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. It enables you to make the leap from understanding the rules and parts of speech to actually correcting your writing flaws. This fourth edition provides many additional examples that demonstrate what's wrong with a sentence and shows how to fix it. It encourages you to identify your own patterns of spelling weaknesses. Exercises at the end of each section reinforce knowledge gained from the material. Because of its practical approach to good usage, this volume makes an excellent home study-guide and reference book for home and office. Many teachers will find it to be just what their students need. Read more About the Author Harry Shaw is well known as an editor, writer, lecturer, and teacher. For a number of years he was director of the Workshops in Composition at New York University and teacher of classes in advanced writing at Columbia, at both of which institutions he has done graduate work. He has worked with large groups of writers in the Washington Square Writing Center at NYU and has been a lecturer in writers' conferences at Indiana University and the University of Utah and lecturer in, and director of, the Writers' Conference in the Rocky Mountains sponsored by the University of Colorado. In 1969, Mr. Shaw was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters by Davidson College, his alma mater.He has been managing editor and editorial director of Look, editor at Harper and Brothers, senior editor and vice-president Of E. P Dutton and Co., editor-in-chief of Henry Holt & Co., and director of publications for Barnes & Noble, Inc.; and also an editor at W. W. Norton & Co., Inc. He has contributed widely to many popular and scholarly national magazines and is the author or co-author of a number of books in the fields of English composition and literature, among them Punctuate It Right! and Errors in English and Ways to Correct Them. Read more