Book Description

From the Back Cover Life Skills and Test Prep 2, by Ronna Magy and Howard Pomann (with Jennifer Gaudet), provides engaging instruction in the essential life skills competencies that adult learners need in all their roles -- at home, at work, at school, and in their communities.?The course also includes listening and reading tests to give students invaluable practice in taking standardized tests, motivating them to achieve their benchmarks and persist in their learning goals. ? Features 58 life skills lessons correlated to CASAS competencies Extensive practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing Flexible format to support teacher and program needs Separate Teacher's Manual with test-taking strategies, answer keys, and diagnostic information for follow-up instruction An audio program on CDs Sample Audio Listen to samples from the Audio CDs: Unit 5: Food Audio Program Introduction (0:30) Lesson 1: Learn, Exercise A p.70 (2:17) Lesson 1: Practice, Exercise B p.71 (0:56) Lesson 2: Learn, Exercise A p.72 (1:21) Lesson 3: Listen p.75 (1:54) Lesson 6: Practice, Exercise A p.83 (0:44) Test: Listening 1, Directions p.84 (0:18) Test: Listening 1, 1 p.84 (0:12) Test: Listening 1, 2 p.84 (0:15) Test: Listening 1, 3 p.84 (0:13) Read more About the Author Ronna Magy has been an ESL adult educator for nearly three decades. She currently serves as ESL Teacher Advisor for LAUSD's Division of Adult and Career Education. Since 2000 she has been involved with Staff Development and teacher training. Ronna is the author of several ESL textbooks including US Citizen, Yes, Life Skills and Test Prep, Stories From the Heart and Beginning Stories From the Heart, and Working It Out. Ronna has been a regular presenter at adult education conferences including the Division of Adult and Career Education's Fall Conference, California Council on Adult Education, CATESOL, and TESOL since 1982. As ESL Teacher Adviser for DACE, she creates and presents workshops on a variety of ESL teaching methods and techniques including learner persistence and goal setting, cooperative learning, lesson planning, reading and writing. Read more