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Review ?'A successful addition to the scholarship on antiracist rhetoric...Condon's book will remain a testament to the struggles and possibilities that lie before those who dare to engage with antiracist rhetoric'?Ryan Winet, Composition Studies Read more About the Author Frankie Condon is an associate professor of English and the faculty coordinatorof the writing center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She lives in Lincolnwith her husband, Mike, her three children, Dan, Lucy, and Grace, her mom,Suzy, and two dogs, a cat, and two chinchillas. Her published work includesThe Everyday Writing Center: A Community of Practice, coauthored with MicheleEodice, Elizabeth Boquet, Anne Ellen Geller, and Meg Carroll. Frankie's essayshave appeared in the Writing Center Journal, Praxis, College Teaching, and Junctures. Read more