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From Booklist Though very slick in appearance and presentation, this book is actually a history of black men in America, their style variation and self-expression in a nation that has offered few venues for such. The popularity of black male sports and entertainment figures has brought attention to the way they dress. Yet, we've seldom seen writers of color reflect on the topics of fashion and race. This book reveals the substantial influence of black men on the fashion industry, if for no other reason than the rebel role that has so often been assigned to black men who couldn't find acceptance in the culture, e.g., the contributions the hip-hop style on fashion as well as music. The book includes interviews with or essays by several prominent black men, including Cornel West, Bryant Gumbel, Ed Bradley, Jesse Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson and LL Cool J. Readers interested in U.S. fashion history and the interplay with race and politics will enjoy this book. Vernon Ford Read more From the Back Cover What women are saying about MEN OF COLOR: 'He doesn't take fashion too seriously. He doesn't follow the rules. Whether matching from head-to-toe or sporting every color under the sun, he always seems to be having a good time.,you go, boy!' - TYRA BANKS 'From the eroticization of the big, bulky body, as represented by Heavy D or 'Biggy' Smalls, to the cross-culture play of Jean-Michel Basquiat, living on the downlow yet wearing his Armani, Black male style transcends class and pulls folks in, seducing because it ain't got no boundaries. It's frontier-wear, ready for the future.' - BELL HOOKS 'Sisters have always known that brothers can dress! I'm so thankful Lloyd Boston has brought it all together in Men of Color. From his expert style advice to the hundreds of beautiful photos, this is the book for every man in your life.' - PATTI LABELLE -Interviews and portraits of such notables as Samuel L. Jackson, Tyson Beckford, Jesse Jackson, Savion Glover, George Benson, Isaac Hayes, Bryant Gumbel, Billy Dee Williams, Ahmad Bashad, Reggie Miller, Cornel West, Maxwell, Wynton Marsalis, and Sean 'Puffy' Combs -Contributing essays from such fashion-industry writers as Constance C.R. White (The New York Times) and David Thigpen (Time) -Foreword by Quincy Jones -Introduction by Andre Leon Talley -Straightforward advice on how to evaluate menswear, care for leather goods and accessories, incorporate ethnic elements into traditional dress, and develop individual style through use of color, pattern, and texture -Source listing and size charts -300 full-color photographs, both original and archival Read more See all Editorial Reviews