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From Booklist Johnson, an employment attorney, draws on her personal and professional experiences, as well as those of friends and clients, to offer this guide for black people in workplaces dominated by whites. Acknowledging that in an ideal world such a guide wouldn't be necessary, Johnson highlights the particular issues faced by black Americans, from feelings of loneliness and isolation to concerns about fair treatment. She posits what she calls a '15 percent difference' between blacks and whites that occasionally accounts for friction and explores the contradictory opinions held by most whites and blacks about the need for affirmative action and efforts to develop a color-blind society and workforce. The book aims to increase the reader's awareness of the need to develop strategies for selecting favorable work environments and for getting and keeping a job. Johnson offers advice on the importance of grooming and using appropriate language, making alliances (fitting in without selling out), considering legal options when problems arise, and being healthy and happy on the job and away from the job. Vanessa BushCopyright ? American Library Association. All rights reserved Read more Review 'This book examines in an insightful way a delicate and difficult issue?the triumph and tragedies of black upward mobility. Don't miss it!' ?Cornel West, author, Race Matters'Johnson has plenty of good advice.' ?Library Journal'Breaks down work relationships in terms that almost every employed person can relate to.'? ?Jacksonville Free Press'I believe all employers should read Working While Black so they might learn how to work more effectively with African American employees. This book provides a powerful insight in the ways that African Americans must continually adjust in the workplace. If employers used that knowledge and responded in a meaningful way, the workplace would be much more productive and healthier for all employees.? ?Kirk P. Perucca, president and CEO, Project Equality, Inc.'With a refreshing blend of humor . . . and frankness, Johnson delivers no-nonsense advice.'? ?Minority MBA?[This] should be required reading for every black person entering the work place.? ?Keith H. Williamson, president, Pitney Bowes Global Credit Services Read more See all Editorial Reviews