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From School Library Journal Adult/High School?A hiking trip gone uncomfortably wrong, in violation of the first credo of Scouting to 'Be Prepared,' caused Townley to revisit the history of Scouting and its principles. It also provided him with the spark to begin a year of traveling the world collecting anecdotes from adults who have taken these principles of and incorporated them into their everyday lives. These men, all of whom achieved the highest honor attainable, tended to gravitate toward professions that allowed them to exemplify the service attitude and leadership they learned while enjoying the camaraderie of others. From doctor to soldier, teacher, actor, and Olympic competitor, each man had a story to tell about how Scouting led him to make choices that would enrich his life. Written with a distinctly American point of view, Townley's book puts forth the idea that the underlying principles of Scouting help boys to become men who will be compassionate, competitive leaders. An extensive index and full-color photos enhance this solidly written entry about the value of old-fashioned American gumption.?Charli Osborne, Oxford Public Library, MI Copyright ? Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Read more Review ?In his new book, Alvin Townley showcases the spirit of our young generation. Like so many of us, these Eagle Scouts are out there pushing limits, exploring new possibilities, and serving other people. Spirit of Adventure tells a compelling story about a new generation and America's future.? ?NFL quarterback Peyton Manning?The stories captured in Legacy of Honor hold valuable lessons for our country as we face new challenges at home and abroad. These Eagle Scouts will inspire readers to become leaders in serving others.? ?President Jimmy Carter on Legacy of Honor?Whether you choose to become a teacher, a police officer, a doctor, or even the mayor of the greatest city in the world, your experiences as an Eagle Scout will prove invaluable. Alvin Townley's Legacy of Honor does justice to the proud history and bright future of the Eagle Scouts.? ?Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Legacy of Honor?Alvin Townley's book describes how the Eagle Scout program can shape a life. He demonstrates this by providing examples of many former Eagles who have succeeded in life in no small part because of their experience in scouting. Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.? ?Senator Bill Bradley on Legacy of Honor?In Legacy of Honor, we not only learn who many of these Eagle Scouts were, but the kind of leaders they have become and the enormous contributions they have made to their country and the world. In compiling these life stories, Alvin Townley has completed a picture of an extraordinary program and how its training has helped shape equally extraordinary lives.? ?Hon. Christine Todd Whitman, former governor of New Jersey and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator on Legacy of Honor?Alvin Townley's book reveals the legacy of the Boy Scouts. He relates the adventures and deeds of Eagle Scouts living by the Scout Oath ? while contributing to the success of America. An excellent story that will inspire all of us.? ?Captain James A. Lovell, commander of Apollo 13 on Legacy of Honor Read more See all Editorial Reviews