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Review ?Targeting Guns is an updated and revised version of Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America (Aldine de Gruyter, 1991), which established Gary Kleck as the foremost sociologist doing research on gun control and as a favorite of the American Rifle Association. Targeting Guns will maintain Kleck?s esteemed position in the academic world; however, it will take him down at least a notch or two in the eyes of the ARA and others ardently opposed to gun control?because even though he systematically rebuts most of the research touted by gun-control advocates, he eventually does make a case for some limited forms of gun control.? ?Gregg Lee Carter, Social Forces Read more About the Author Gary Kleck is professor of criminology and criminal jus?tice at Florida State University. He is the author of Targeting Guns: Firearms and Their Control and coauthor, with Don Kates, of The Great American Gun Debate and Armed: New Perspectives on Gun Control. His articles have been pub?lished in several journals, including the American Sociologi?cal Review, American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, Social Problems, Criminology, Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Journal of the American Medical Association, and Law & Society Review. Read more