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Review '...a terrific surprise...Wordplay isn't a book of graphic art as much as it is one of philosophic art...Wordplay is a tour de force... By showing us the magic of words with more than one point of view, Langdon's modest volume might get us all thinking about other points of view. other people's points of view.' -- New Orleans Times-Picayune, April 26, 1992'This is a lot of fun...' -- Los Angeles Times/Book Review, May 10, 1992 Read more From the Inside Flap 'It would be interesting to know,' Martin Gardner writes in his foreword, 'when it was discovered that certain words are unchanged when inverted or reflected... It is easy to see that WOW is MOM upside down, but who would have guessed that an enormous variety of words and phrases with no symmetry when printed could be shaped so that they were the same when inverted or reflected?' In this book John Langdon shows us how we can expand our understanding of terms and concepts by looking at ambigrams words that were designed to read upside down, back to front, or in the mirror as well as left to right. (Turn the title upside down.) He not only presents the reader with a number of strikingly beautiful and arresting ambigrams but also shows how the very shape of the letters can change our idea of the word itself and its meaning. He even disarmingly demonstrates how one goes about making an ambigram. The reader should be warned, however, that it is not quite as easy as it looks. Read more See all Editorial Reviews