Book Description

Find The Love, Patience, and Insight to Take Your Life Back What does it look and feel like to be a Mother of an Addict? How does a Mothers unconditional love help her child’s addiction? How can you find the strength and faith to continue battling this monster? What should you do when you feel alone and afraid? How do you let go without giving up?Sandy Sherman is a Mother of 2 addicts – a Daughter and a Son. For 5 years she felt her life was spiraling down into a pit of despair, fear, helplessness, grief that was consuming her life. She felt alone and humiliated and the dreams she had for her kids were all gone as she witnessed their addictions take over their bodies and souls. Sandy learned to live her life by deciding to take her life back. Through educating herself about the disease of addiction by reading, talking with other Mom’s, helping to counsel others and sharing her story, she has written this book in hopes of inspiring Mom’s to take action.In this book you will learn key steps to help you take your life back. Identify the signs and symptoms of the addictionRealize that the addiction is a mask and it’s not your childHow to not let your emotions get in the wayFind and offer the right kind of helpLet the recovery start with you