Book Description

Learn How to Help Your Addicted ChildIs your child addicted to drugs or alcohol? Are you looking for guidance and support?If so, then My Child is an Addict is the book you’ve been searching for. With insight and gentleness, this book helps you understand addiction from the perspective of parents who have dealt with this horrible disease in their children. You’ll learn to stop judging yourself and start giving your child (and yourself) the care they really need.My Child is an Addict is available for instant download.In this insightful book, you’ll discover how to fight the “monster of addiction”, and why addiction and alcoholism are considered a “family disease”. You’ll learn about the Cycle of Addiction, the Stages of Change, and how to understand your thought patterns and feelings. By letting go of anger, resentment, and expectations, you can start the healing process for yourself, your family, and your addicted child.It’s time to put and end to guilt and shame, stop codependency, and understand the fine line between "helping" and "enabling".Don’t wait any longer - Read My Child is an Addict right away and get the support and resources you need to stay strong for your addicted child.Best of luck in this difficult time!