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Child Discipline Made EasyAre you tired of toddler temper tantrums? Has your child's misbehavior gotten out of hand?☆Get ready to discover proven tactics that make it easy to positively change your child's behavior and build a loving, bonding relationship!!☆Your child depends on you for food, clothing, and shelter among other things. One of those being DIRECTION. Believe it or not it isn't a natural instinct for a child to know how to behave. Therefore it lies on us to teach them how. How are you suppose to do so if you were not taught how to effectively discipline a child yourself? If you are like many parents out there you may feel lost or out of wits. I felt that way myself, being a mother of four children. My days would pass by with little enjoyment because I had no clue how to get my kids to take responsibility and follow directions. Forcing them was only hurting our parent/child relationship. Desperate for a different method I began doing research. I read books, went to seminars, and read blogs. Until I finally found discipline methods that work. I am happy to say that today my family is much happier. My kids have changed dramatically, and so have I. As I stroll through grocery stores, parks, and schools I constantly encounter parents who are in the same position as I was a few years ago. That's what inspired me to write this book. This information has to be shared, for our children are the future! This book is a quick read with no fluff or fillers yet packed with a lot of important and useful information, that can be put to use IMMEDIATELY, alongside countless examples on how to put the methods to action starting TODAY. You will learn: The traits you need to be a good disciplinarianHow to build a loving bond with you childHow to interact effectivelyThe secret to setting family rulesTactics to enforce family rules Appropriate punishments that do not involve hurting your child physically or emotionally Discipline methods that help your child learn self-controlAnd Much, much more! Download your copy today! There is never a better time like the present. Take action now! Download Today! (Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.) Tags: Tags: child discipline, parenting, parenting toddlers, parenting books, parenting with love, parenting with logic, parenting from inside out, parenting the strong-willed child, parenting teens with love, parenting with logic, parenting teens, parenting teenagers, parenting books for dads, parenting your powerful child, parenting adult child, parenting your out of control teenager, parenting your out of control child, parenting your internationally adopted child, parenting without power struggles, parenting advice, parenting teen with love, parenting tips, parenting techniques, reverse psychology parenting, parenting made easy, conscious parenting, parenting with respect, parenting with power struggles, principles of a good parent, characteristics of a good parent, parenting with limits, parenting with rules, foster parenting, Discipline, Child Discipline, Relationships, Raising Children, Positive Parenting