Book Description

More than an anthology of sibling stories, Sisters Born, Sisters Found is a diverse and compelling recollection of self-affirming, private connections—the sharing of insecurities, secret mischiefs, sad moments, partings, even an indestructible Arab-Israeli sistership. Although they share a commonality, each story is refreshingly unto itself.— H.B. Reid, author, The Adventures of Charles T. WoolleyHow refreshing to swing around this great, big world of ours following the stories of sisters. Whether factual or imagined, narrative or poetic, the short works in this appealing collection ring true. They’re told in all kinds of voices inflected with the music(s) of all kinds of cultures, and yet, they share a mutual esteem for sisterhood in its many manifestations. Not every sister here is admirable—how could they be to ring true?—but their stories accrue, re-calling us to memory, revealing others’ lives.— Amanda McTigue, author, Going to SolaceFor women this is not simply an anthology: this is the definition of ‘sister’. For men it is a Diogenes lantern as a guide to understand or appreciate that elusive bond.— Grady Harp, poet/author/historian, War Songs, The Art of Man, Vitruvian Lens Sisters Born, Sisters Found: A Diversity of Voices on Sisterhood reveals the core of female hearts, divulges secrets, and captures poignant, compelling, complex relationships. This vibrant collection of work from across the globe isn’t only about blood sisters or women who like each other. Sisters can bond over movie nights. Stuff snails down each other’s throats. Steal each other’s clothes—and lovers. Scrounge for food together, tell stories together, work magic together—even kill together. Seventy-six gifted writers explore all of this and more is in the memoirs, short stories, essays and poems that form Sisters Born, Sisters Found.