Book Description

As a Christian parent, do you sometimes struggle with the best way to raise your child? If so, take heart! Using scripture, research, and her own real experiences as a mother, grandmother, former school principal, and a board-certified life/leadership coach, Dr.Pam Bradley offers a faith-based, self-reflective, coach-approach to help guide and grow you as a parent. This book provides principles and strategies rooted in the Bible to help you experience more joy, growth, and reward as you make your way down that bumpy road called parenting. As a mother to five children, grandmother to seven, and one of eight siblings, Dr. Pam Bradley has spent her life working with children to make a positive difference. For thirty years, Pam has considered it a privilege to work as a teacher, principal and coach, seeing this as a calling rather than a profession. She and her husband, Charles, reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she now works as an independent consultant, board-certified life coach and now, author.