Book Description

About the Author Once upon a time a blonde haired, blue eyed girl was born in Memphis, TN. She started writing when she was six and never stopped! By the time she graduated high school, she had written over 100 books, the longest of which was over 2000 handwritten pages long! Today, Tiffini has grown up but still believes in the power of stories and continues to write them from her home in Nashville, TN. Tiffini is a mother to two little girls, Breathe and Alight, and spends her days with them playing pretend and believing in a world in which happily-ever-after is more than make believe. She?s an insomniac who stays awake into the wee hours of the night via the help of many Dr. Peppers. She?s a teacher and an advocate for abused and neglected children: she travels to speak to school and churches and youth groups about her journey through abuse and how God saw her through. Best of all, she is living happily ever after! Read more