Book Description

This book helps in preparing a sibling for the arrival of a new baby. It addresses your child's apprehensions, as well as some of their curiosities regarding the birth of a new baby. When a baby comes home from the hospital, there will be a lot of changes. It's about the whole family working together, during this time of change. This book is a parenting aid for the expectant mother to help her child understand what to expect in the months that follow. It will show your child the ways to become an involved older sibling. With a child that is 2 to 3 years old it is best to take a few pages at a time. Both you and your older child will delight in the adorable full color photos represented throughout the book. The book's focus is on the sibling, and has places to include your own photos. This will become a keepsake as reminder of this special time in your lives.