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Review 'Candid prose anchors a gripping account of familial obligation and complicity.' ~Kirkus Reviews'Landgraf is a deeply perceptive, riveting storyteller.' ~ Abuse and HumanTrafficking'This lyrically compelling, emotionally harrowing view inside the world of in cest will hypnotize,horrify and hopefully compel you to take a stand.' ~Ally Walker,Screenwriter, Producer, Actress (Profiler, Sons of Anarchy, TheProtector)'Few understand thelife-long impact of childhood trauma as well as Landgraf, leaving herwell- positioned to be a spokesperson for the millions of adults whosuffer childhood sexual trauma.' ~Bill Murray, Founder, NationalAssociation of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse'Landgraf exposes the dark underbelly of religious zealotry and questions why'men of faith' are held up as paragons of virtue, when too often, theopposite is true.' ~Julia Scheeres, NYT Bestselling Author'A brave, marvelous, insightful work.' ~Marc Klaas Read more