Book Description

"This is the best book about sisters there could ever be. It's as if my sister and I wrote it to each other." This book is essential reading for all sisters. It's an enchanting collection of feelings, insights, and beautiful reflections, celebrating one of life's most special bonds. For those who have been graced with the companionship of a truly wonderful sister... this is the gift you've been waiting for. There is so much encouragement, appreciation, and understanding on these pages, and so many smiles peeking out between the lines. Thought that rarely venture outside the safety of the heart have found an endearing home in this book. It provides a fascinating look at the many layers of love, reassurance, togetherness, and tenderness that are always there -- BETWEEN TWO SISTERS. The writings in this collection are almost seamless; words flow from one reflection to another in storybook fashion, beginning with a message that has touched countless heart, and ending with some of the most special hopes and wishes two sisters could ever share.