Book Description

The Conversation Starters series is back with volume two. And just like volume one, this book is packed with great conversation starters. Great for road trips or any situation where some great conversation is needed. It’s the perfect tool for getting to know friends and loved ones better. And who knows, you might even get to know yourself better as well. Inside are 230 questions that span a wide variety of topics and depth. From the serious - Is journalism being destroyed or reinvigorated by new media? To the whimsical - If you could secretly view anyone’s email, whose email would you spy on? Why that person? To the thought provoking - Do you think humans will live on another planet in your lifetime? Why or why not? Should humans colonize other planets? With so many topics and different levels of depth, you’ll be able to find the perfect question no matter what the situation is or who you are having a conversation with. Great conversations bring people together and help to broaden the horizons of the mind. They also help you better understand those around you. So grab this book and start having some great conversations with your friends or family.