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Review 'If anything can make you hoist yourself out of that beach chair and go find a pen, this is the book that will do it.' --'New York Times''[This book] could not be more timely or important.' -'Library Journal ''An eye opener, both for caregivers, and for baby boomers approaching older age.' --' ' 'In our pursuit of healing, doctors sometimes overlook the fundamental rule to 'first do no harm.' Armon Neel's book is an important reminder - for doctors and patients alike - that medications can be a double edged sword. We may be swinging at the disease but we can accidentally slash the patient along the way.' -Lisa Sanders, M.D., author of 'Every Patient Tells a Story ' 'It's becoming increasingly clear that medical historians will judge the last 50 years as the 'dark age of drug therapy.' Though there are many advances in modern pharmacy, the truth is that many drugs produce a desired effect only to create many more that are unwanted. Armon Neel's book provides concrete evidence that the problems with many prescription medications are known today. Fortunately, he also provides some practical guidance to help navigate the land mines of drug therapy.' --Michael T. Murray, N.D., author of 'What the Drug Companies Won't Tell You and Your Doctor Doesn't Know' '[Armon Neel's] expertise in the pharmaceutical management of patients is unparalleled.' -James Gore, MD, and George Capo, DO 'Armon Neel literally saved my life. I was bedridden because I was being overprescribed medications by my doctor. But in a few short weeks on Dr. Neel's 'new' regimen, I was back to my old self.' -Carla Moore 'My family and I appreciate your help for our mother. I took down everything you told me concerning her medications and typed it up for the doctor. He followed everything you advised and my mother came out of renal failure.' -Marilyn Lipper 'In my 32 years as a practicing geriatrician, I have not met a healthcare professional who better understands the pathophysiological principles behind the use of medications for the elderly.' --Zaheer Khan, MD, MRCP, founder and preside'The book provides needed information to be certain you're getting the right dosage of the right medication as well as questions to ask prescribing physicians.' Read more About the Author Armon B. Neel, Jr., whose work has been featured in the AARP Bulletin, Prevention magazine, and Reader?s Digest, is a board-certified pharmacist whose medial career spans four decades. He lives in Georgia.Bill Hogan is an award-winning investigative journalist in Washington, D.C. He has worked as a writer and consulting editor for the AARP Bulletin and as a consultant to CBS News. Read more See all Editorial Reviews