Book Description

From the Author I chose to write this book based on my experience with patients and their families while they were involved in a crisis, generally due to a change in someone's medical status. Over and over again, I found that people were not prepared to deal with the issues that were arising. Indeed, many times people had to make decisions with little or no information concerning what their loved ones may have wanted. This results in more stress at a time when stress is more than intense enough.When I began to plan the book, it occurred to me that there were more than medical issues to be addressed. Drawing on the experience of my siblings and I had while helping our parents in their later years, I expanded the scope of the book to include legal, financial, social, safety and day to day issues as well as medical issues and end of life issues.Recognizing that each family is unique, I chose to highlight the issues to be addressed and suggested ways to start the conversation rather than to give pat answers concerning how things 'should' be addressed. Read more About the Author Lesley J. Slepner, RN, BSN, BSed, has been a nurse for 30 years. During her career she has had extensive experience with the challenges faced by families as their loved ones age. She was also the family resource person during the final illnesses of both of her parents. This book was written to help families to identify the issues that will face them as well as to encourage them to discuss these issues early and often. Read more