Book Description

About the Author David Liscow, MD has been a Family Physician in South Haven, Michigan since 1985. He attended Duke University in Durham, NC where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. It was at Duke that Dr. Liscow was inspired by the physician-writers, poet William Carlos William, and Harvard psychiatrist Robert Coles. While an undergrad, Dr. Liscow traveled alone for 6 weeks in South America where he was struck with the importance of learning and contributing a needed skill; he decided to become a Family Physician. He completed medical school in 1982 at the University of Cincinnati, graduating in the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. While in Medical School, he worked on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina. He completed a 3-year residency at The University of Minnesota Affiliated Community Family Practice Programs, which offered the Primary Care focus in which he strongly believes. He and his wife decided to live in a small town and settled with their 2 young sons in South Haven, MI where Dr. Liscow joined South Haven Family Physicians in 1985. There they found the diversity they sought including, a small Jewish community. Their 2 grown sons have now left the small town for the attractions of bigger cities. Dr Liscow enjoys writing, reading, history, exercise, nutrition, and nature. He has traveled to the Andes Mountains in South America twice and has twice hiked in Alaska. He says, 'Any time I?m in view of the mountains or have a view from the mountains is a special experience.' Dogs too have been an integral part of his life and family for three decades. During 2006, he lost both his father and his first puppy-to-grave dog. The final days of both experiences make up his second book, Diving into Sunsets. His first book, Symie?s Story, Early Memories of and Old Jew, from South Haven, Michigan was released in 2012. His ongoing project weaves together historically significant events and people between 1827 and 1927, all from a 1927 Jewish perspective. This project will accompany Liscow?s historical narrative, Memoir to My Unborn Son, in which his grandfather, who emigrated from Belarus, narrates to his unborn son (the unborn son being David?s father who was born in 1927 in Ohio). Read more