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Review - this slightly voyeuristic, aging therapist really enjoyed the book and would recommend it for its unique insight into the effects of what, at the time, was a unique insight into the world of therapy. It is an insight which is told honestly, with a profound sense of love and affirmation and celebration of life. Carl Stonier, Ipnosis No 33. Read more About the Author Having spent years avoiding 'Gloria-chasers' and the limelight, Pamela J. Burry now makes her home at the foot of the Cascade Mountains, in Central Oregon, where she is pleased to find that her interests in the arts, both literary and philosophical, have gained a surprising relevance when reframed in the natural world. There is a novel completed and another nearly; a stash of notes and observations are working their way to organisation; poems multiply; a collection of stories about therapy is underway. Read more