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Review ...alerts us to how much each person's future intellectual ability hinges upon his or her experience in the first year of life. -- Senator Thomas Daschle Hart and Risley have condensed a large amount offunctional, practical, and very persuasive data... -- AshaThis establishes a definite, studied link between early childhood experiences and later intellectual development, providing a strong study which focuses on American childhood experiences and which analyzes the strong differences to be found between children at the same age levels. An excellent, thought-provoking study. -- Midwest Book Review[This book] sheds fresh light on the still ongoing argument over the relative influences of nature and nurture... --Child and Family Behavior Therapy Read more From the Back Cover Meaningful Differences establishes a scientifically substantiated link between children's early family experience and their later intellectual growth - a link that exists regardless of a child's race. This compelling story describes the authors' years of research as they search for the roots of intellectual disparity. Hart and Risley examined the daily lives of 1- and 2-year-old children in typical American families. They found staggering contrasts at the extremes of advantage - and within the middle class - in the amount of interaction between parents and children. These differences in the amount of early family experience translate into striking disparities in the children's later vocabulary growth rate, vocabulary use, and IQ test scores - critical measures of an individual's ability to succeed at school and in the workplace. Meaningful Differences, the culmination of Hart and Risley's decades of collaboration, reveals profound effects of environment on development. Read more See all Editorial Reviews