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Review ?The primary strength of the book is that both basic learning phenomena and theories are dealt with more elaborately compared to other textbooks, while still avoiding ?overloading? the students.? (Roald Maes)?The text contains a great deal of detail, yet the narrative remains friendly and easy to follow.? (Mark Davies)?The text is written exceptionally well. It is informative, interesting, and engaging. The stories help to grab the attention of the reader at the very start of each chapter and keep the interest of the student as they work their way through the material.? (Gary Starr) Read more About the Author Stephen B. Klein (Phd, Psychology, Rutgers University) is a Professor of the Department of Psychology at Mississippi State University, where he has taught since 1990. He teaches a variety of undergraduate classes, including Learning Principles and Processes, Human Learning and Thinking, Theories of Learning, and Quantitative Methods, as well as graduate classes in Advanced Learning, Advanced Learning and Motivation, and Advanced Experimental Methods. His research interests are in the biological basis of learning and memory and constraints and predispositions on food preferences and aversions. His early research included investigations of aversive conditioning and flavor aversion learning. Klein has written and co-edited a number of textbooks, including Contemporary Learning Theories: Pavlovian Conditioning and the Status of Traditional Learning Theory; Handbook of Contemporary Learning Theories; and Biological Psychology, Second Edition. Read more