Book Description

Review An excellent book that presents sustainable development in a comprehensive fashion. Thorough, well researched, and precisely on target, the authors frame the implementation issues very well. A welcomed addition to the literature. (Sylvester Murray, Savannah State University)The wide range of case studies illustrate well the problems and possibilities of applying the principles of sustainable development in our communities. (Barry Allen, Department of Environmental Studies, Rollins College)What I appreciate about it most is its thorough and cross-disciplinary focus on the feasibility for sustainable development. I welcome it as a thorough treatment of the feasibility of sustainable development in the 'real world.' (Jack Manno, SUNY-Syracuse)A rich source of detailed examples illustrating the successes and failures of sustainable development projects in both developing and developed countries. The book provides a comprehensive framework for assessing the causes of those successes and failures, and thereby a means to anticipate and correct potential pitfalls in future efforts. Its thorough documentation, lucid prose, and abundant case studies make this book an important resource for students and practitioners alike. (Karina Garbesi, Geography & Environmental Studies, California State University-Hayward) Read more About the Author Philip J. Cooper is professor of liberal arts in the Department of Political Science at the University of Vermont. Claudia Maria Vargas is director of Intercultural Programs and research assistant professor, College of Medicine, University of Vermont. Read more