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Review well-researched and insightful book..overwhelmed by the powerful conceptual framework...comprehensive and concise review of a huge knowledge base contained in this book' ( 21.8.2001) 'Allen should receive particular praise...some very interesting material' (Mental Health Today, October 2001) '...clear structure, being well written, and adopting the simple but effective use of subheadings and italics for emphasis...this excellent book is not only worth buying but also worth reading...' (British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 10 December 2001) '...This book is well written and easy to use....' (Addiction Today, January 2002) 'His approach to diagnostics, treatment and management is extremely well organized for any seeking clinician.' (Metapsychology Reviews Online, July 2002) 'This is an interesting book which raises some important issues?' (European Eating Disorders Review, March/April 2003) Read more From the Inside Flap 'This excellent book achieves rare success in synthesising academic scholarship and sound clinical principles in understanding and treating disorders relating to trauma. Allen's conceptual clarity and masterful use of narrative, makes coherent those disorders characterised by incoherence. Equally clinician and teacher, he shows how containment and care, self-regulation and support can mend the wounds inflicted by attachment trauma.' Antonia Bifulco, Ph.D., Royal Holloway, University of London, UK 'There are but a handful of books that could ever make the claim that they have the potential to change your life ... Allen's book is a genuine 'tour de force' ... the model that Allen constructs in this book is quite simply the most satisfactory integration of findings concerning interpersonal trauma which anyone has yet achieved. His review is comprehensive and extremely valuable in that respect alone, but it is also original. Help may take a number of forms, but in all the forms that psycho-social intervention might take, the understanding of underlying psychological processes is the 'sine qua non' of adequate therapeutic help. Reading this book, you will come to appreciate the truth of this statement as well as making a giant step toward understanding the experience of the individuals who have turned to you for assistance.' From the Foreword by Peter Fonagy, University College London and The Anna Freud Centre, London, UK 'In this superb new book, Jon Allen makes creative use of attachment theory to explicate the multifaceted outcomes of trauma. Encyclopedic in scope and scholarly in its up-to-the-minute survey of research findings, this book will be equally useful as a test for the classroom or as a reference book for the experienced clinician. Students and clinicians alike are indebted to Allen for tghis landmark contribution.' Glen Gabbard, M.D., The Menninger Clinic, USA 'Jon Allen has organize a wealth of scientific information and clinical wisdom about the impact of trauma on a wide range of pychiatric disorders. This comprehensive book impressively integrates not only the psychological and biological impact of trauma, but also essential features of practical trauma treatment. 'Traumatic Relationships and Serious Mental Disorders' is an outstanding contribution and important resource for all mental health professionals.' Marlene Steinberg, M.D., Associate Professor in Psychiatry University of Massachusetts Medical School. Author of The Stranger in the Mirror, Dissociation - The Hidden Epidemic Read more See all Editorial Reviews