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Review 'From the first sentence to the last, this book demonstrates a blend of intellect and compassion. It is well grounded, with one foot in the world of rigorous research guided by developmental theory, and the other in a keen appreciation for the realities of prevention and intervention programming with adolescents and families.'?James Garbarino, PhD, author of Lost Boys and See Jane Hit? (James Garbarino)'The authors focus on adolescent relationships, a wise choice but a daunting domain, and these authors?are up to the?challenge.?Their perspective on intervention offers promise that will hopefully turn into evidence.'?Kenneth A. Dodge, Duke University (Kenneth A. Dodge)?'An?important work focusing on how we might more practically and effectively promote well-being?among adolescents.'?Patrick Tolan, Institute of Juvenile Research, Chicago? (Patrick H. Tolan) Read more About the Author David A. Wolfe is Royal Bank of Canada Chair in Children?s Mental Health, director of the CAMH Centre for Prevention Science, and professor of psychology and psychiatry, University of Toronto. Peter G. Jaffe is professor and academic director, Centre for Violence Against Women and Children, University of Western Ontario. Claire Crooks is assistant professor, faculty of education, University of Western Ontario. Read more