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Review 'This groundbreaking volume stands as an important milestone in the development of Conversation Analysis. It brings together works devoted to the use of Conversation Analysis to address practical problems in which human interaction plays a central role. The contributions, by leading scholars in the field, demonstrate the wide-ranging utility of this approach for problems in areas ranging from medicine, psychotherapy, and telephone help lines to survey research, mediation, and technology design. The introduction situates these studies within the broader field of conversation analysis, and provides a useful roadmap to the main variants of applied CA and the key issues that inform work seeking to intervene and remediate interaction-based problems in social life.' - Steven E. Clayman, University of California, Los Angeles, USA 'For the first time, important CA studies are brought together to make the case that basic insights about interaction can be utilized to change, improve, and refine skills for accomplishing activities fundamental to diverse social institutions. The result is an important move toward establishing how relevant research can be translated into innovative and effective strategies. This volume is a trigger for reflecting on a horizon of possibilities that arise when realizing that CA is, after all, a natural science that has and will continue to benefit the world in as yet unanticipated and vital ways.' - Wayne A. Beach, School of Communication, San Diego State University, USA 'A highly insightful and illuminating collection of studies that powerfully demonstrate how the fine-grained analysis of talk and interaction, [this volume] provides a distinctive contribution to our understanding of social organisation and social institutions, and in turn reveals important implications for policy and practice.' - Christian Heath, King's College London, UK Read more About the Author PAUL DREW, University of York, York, UK MARIA EGBERT, University of Southern Denmark, S?nderborg, Denmark W. M. FINLAY, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK JEREMY FREESE, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA JOHN HERITAGE, University of California at los Angeles, USA ANNIE IRVINE, University of York, York, UK CELIA KITZINGER, University of York, York, UK JOYCE LAMERICHS, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands DOUGLAS W. MAYNARD, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA ANSSI PER?KYL?, Helsinki University, Helsinki, Finland JEFFREY D. ROBINSON, Portland State University, Oregon, USA ROY SAINSBURY, University of York, York, UK NORA CATE SCHAEFFER, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA ELIZABETH STOKOE, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK HEDWIG TE MOLDER, Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands MERRAN TOERIEN, University of York, York, UK CHRIS WALTON, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK RAY WILKINSON, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK SUE WILKINSON, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK Read more