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Review 'This timely second edition is a masterful contribution to the field of psychology and it presents a solid intellectual, academic, and research foundation for this insightful, new theory of lifespan development for young people aged 18 to 29. It brilliantly articulates the complex issues faced by this demographic between the time of adolescence and adulthood. Captivating and intellectually sound, this second edition is a must-have for anyone interested in the latest research findings in this ever-evolving field.' -Michael S. Goldsby, Doody's Reviews Read more About the Author Jeffrey Jensen Arnett is a Research Professor in the Department of Psychology at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. During 2005 he was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He originally proposed the theory of emerging adulthood to describe the lives of today's 18-29-year-olds, and he is the Founding President and Executive Director of the Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood. Among his many books is an advice book for parents of emerging adults, Getting to 30 (with Elizabeth Fishel). Read more