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Review 'Systems Biology is a very readable introduction to the subject... make[s] it clear that this is an exciting time for biology.' Nigel Goldenfeld, Physics Today Read more Book Description The new discipline of systems biology examines how biological components interact and form networks, and how the networks generate whole cell functions corresponding to observable phenotypes. This textbook, the first devoted to systems biology, describes how to model networks, how to determine their properties, and how to relate these to phenotypic functions. The prerequisites are some knowledge of linear algebra and biochemistry. Though the links between the mathematical ideas and biological processes are made clear, the book reflects the irreversible trend of increasing mathematical content in biology education. Therefore to assist both teacher and student, in an associated web site Palsson provides problems set, projects and powerpoint slides, and keeps the presentation in the bookconcrete with illustrative material and experimental results. Read more See all Editorial Reviews