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Review 'Life Itself is a wonderfully readable digest of everything currently known about the mechanisms by which living cells perform their myriad tasks.'--The New York Times Book Review'This book is a great education in the powers of ordinary language, poetically arranged to explain, to inspire, and to heighten curiosity in non-scientists and scientists alike.'--Washington Post'Rensberger has the two essential qualities of a first-rate science journalist: he grasps what is important, and he presents it in a clear, entertaining manner. [ ife Itself] is an exemplary introduction to a part of science, cell biology, that is of crucial importance to everyone but still understood by extremely few.' Edward O. Wilson, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University'Good science journalism is rare. Excellent scientific journalism should be celebrated. This book is cause for celebration!' Annals of RCPSC (vol.30,no.7,Oct 1997) Read more About the Author About the Author: Boyce Rensberger is Science Writer for The Washington Post, and creator of The Post's acclaimed educational supplement, 'Horizon: The Learning Section.' Read more