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Review Pharmacy Calculations: An Introduction for PharmacyTechnicians.? By Joy Bellis Sakai[REVIEWER'S EXPERT OPINION]Rahmat M Talukder, PhD (Pharmaceu, BS in Pharmacy(West Coast University Schoolof Pharmacy)**Description**This book reviews the basic mathematical concepts and skills that are criticalfor pharmacy technicians to know in order perform various types of calculations. Relevant topics are presented in 14 chapters, which are grouped into four units. **Purpose**Pharmacy technicians are in demand and many states require that pharmacy technicians be certified. Thus, a book that covers fundamental concepts in pharmaceutical calculations is helpful. **Audience**Pharmacy technicians will find this book easy to follow. The authors have been training pharmacy technicians for many years.**Features**The first unit reviews fundamental mathematical principles; the second presents the systems of measurement; and the third covers various topics, including common pharmacy abbreviations, interpretation and parts of a prescription, how to verify prescriber's DEA number, among others. The last unit on dose calculations offers a good discussion of the calculation of doses based on body weight and body surface area. Pharmacy technicians also will find the chapter on injectable drugs very useful. Each chapter begins with learning objectives, key points are highlighted in 'Tech Notes,' and the book includes a helpful glossary of common terms, and some examples and review questions. However, additional discussion, examples, and review questions on every topic would have been even more helpful for technicians. In fact, each page has a couple of inches of blank space that could have been used to provide more examples. **Assessment**Overall, the depth of discussion in this book is appropriate for the audience, and pharmacy technician students will benefit from it. -----------------------------------------------------------Weighted Numerical Score: 76 - 3 Stars (Rahmat M Talukder, PhD (Pharmaceu, BS in Pharmacy(West Coast University School MedInfoNow Doody Review Services 2012-12-12) Read more About the Author Joy Bellis Sakai, PharmD, developed an interest in pharmacy at an early age when she helped out in her father's drug store. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from University of California, San Francisco, in 1975 and has?with experience in drug information, acute care, pediatric and geriatric clinical pharmacy.? She is currently a clinical pharmacist for Kaweah Delta Medical Center in Visalia, California.? She is the organizer and lead instructor for the Pharmacy Technician training program at College of the Sequoias.? Dr. Sakai is author of another textbook, Practical Pharmacology for the Pharmacy Technician.? She is a member of American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and the California Society of Health-System Pharmacists.?Leanora Kasun, MS, has taught math and science for twenty years.? She has a BA in mathematics and physics from Humboldt State University and a MS in atmospheric science from the College of Engineering at the University of Wyoming.? Since 2002, she has taught advanced placement mathematics, calculus, and physics at Redwood High School in Visalia.? She has been Adjunct Iinstructor of Math at College of the Sequoias since 1992.?Leanora?Kasun, MS Atmospheric ScienceUniversity of Wyoming, College of EngineeringB.A. Mathematics, B.A. PhysicsAdjunct?Instructor of Mathematics, College of the SequoiasAP Calculus/AP Physics/ Pre-Calculus teacher, Redwood High School Read more