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Review From the reviews:?Written by experts in the field of SLE, the book contains 18 chapters. ? This text book is a great one-stop reference for clinicians who deal with SLE patients, as well as researchers who want to gain a better understanding of SLE manifestations and treatments. ? this book will be invaluable for clinicians dealing with SLE patients on a regular basis.? (Anna Vossenkaemper, Immunology News, February, 2013) Read more From the Back Cover Often considered the prototypic autoimmune disease, Lupus is characterized by protean manifestations and affects a wide range of organ systems. Despite widespread availability of anti nuclear antibody testing and other technological diagnostic advances, the diagnosis of lupus can be elusive, difficult, and inexact. Treatment of the disease can also be challenging.? Advances in immunology and biotechnology have led to a burgeoning world of new therapies in development that offer patients the real possibility of new therapies and physicians and scientists novel insights into the pathogenesis of this complicated immunological disease.???Lupus Erythematosus: Clinical Evaluation and Treatment summarizes the clinical aspects of lupus facing the general clinician in the 21st century. ??In this invaluable,?practical book, the reader will find introductory chapters regarding general diagnostic and treatment principles, followed by chapters addressing the lupus-specific organ manifestations. Special topics regarding pregnancy and comorbidities are also presented.?? Written by highly experienced physicians with special expertise in lupus, Lupus Erythematosus: Clinical Evaluation and Treatment is an indispensable reference for the common and not so common problems affecting patients with lupus. Read more