Book Description

Review From the reviews:?This book on pediatric informatics is one in a series of focused on the emerging field of health informatics. ? It is directed at a very diverse audience including pediatricians, information services officers, and computer scientists working to integrate current information management into pediatric practice. ? This is a good reference to review the current state of the field before embarking on a program to move to electronic records in any pediatric practice.? (Michael White, Doody?s Review Service, January, 2010)?This is the first book specific to pediatrics. This comprehensive book describes the specific informatics aspects of pediatric medicine ? . The book is geared mainly for healthcare IT developers ? . For pediatricians, it is an introduction to the current topics in healthcare IT. This is a good starting point for both groups. ? a good first attempt geared for healthcare IT professionals who are trying to meet and understand the specific needs of those who provide care to pediatric and neonatal patients.? (Matthew Cortez, Doody?s Review Service, September, 2011) Read more About the Author Both authors are pediatricians and informaticians with significant experience and expertise in the field of informatics, and both have trained in informatics through the National Library of Medicine. Dr. Lehmann?s expertise resides in the development, application and evaluation of clinical information systems in pediatrics with an emphasis on improving health care quality. He is a faculty member in the Division of Health Information Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Kim?s area of expertise lies in ontologies and consumer health informatics. He is also an expert in information retrieval. Read more