Book Description

Review From the book reviews:?This text delivers an extremely useful overview of the subspeciality as a whole, providing a comprehensive summary of vascular and non-vascular interventional procedures. ? a valuable text for the practising radiologist or trainee with an interest in this growing subspeciality, providing useful insight into setting up a paediatric intervention service, procedural-specific advice and clear, relevant imaging.? (Oliver Hulson, RAD Magazine, February, 2015) Read more From the Back Cover About 25 years ago, a few pioneering radiologists began performing ?special procedures? in pediatric patients.? Since that time, the practice of pediatric interventional radiology (PIR) has come a long way.? Pediatric Interventional Radiology highlights the unique elements of pediatric practice that are necessary to provide safe patient care. It discusses all major vascular and non-vascular PIR procedures, and is organized to be procedure-specific with secondary-area classification. Each chapter contains introductory descriptions of disease processes, indications for intervention, technical information about the procedures and post-procedure care. Summaries at the end of each chapter provide a quick guide to the major topics covered. The book also includes numerous images and illustrations that make it easy to access to 'What You Need to Know' information, such as a list of the size/age appropriate equipment that is commonly used to perform procedures. This book serves as a valuable resource for residents, fellows, adult interventionalists, radiologists, and anyone who performs or wishes to obtain further knowledge on minimally invasive, image-guided procedures in infants and children. Read more