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Review Preface. SECTION I INTRODUCTION TO MANAGING HEALTH-CARE INFORMATION: Introduction to the Health Information Management Profession. Management Theories for an Integrated Management Model. The Art of Decision making and Problem Solving. SECTION II PLANNING TO MEET THE INFORMATION NEEDS OF HEALTH-CARE FACILITIES: Planning in the Health-care Setting. Planning in Health-care: Operational Plans and Tools for Planning. Planning Policies and Procedures. Planning the Physical Environment. SECTION III ORGANIZING TO MEET THE NEEDS OF HEALTH-CARE FACILITIES: The Process of Organizing Health Information Services. The Organizational Model. Organizing Position Designs for Employees. The Role of New Technologies in Organizing. SECTION IV LEADING TO MEET THE INFORMATION NEEDS OF HEALTH CARE FACILITIES: Leading, the Interpersonal Aspects of Management. Motivating for Leadership in the Health-care Environment. Communicating in the Health-care Environment. SECTION V CONTROLLING TO MEET THE INFORMATION NEEDS OF HEALTH-CARE FACILITIES: Focus of control in Health Information Services. Controlling Through Total Quality Improvement. Controlling: Productivity Measurement, Performance Standards and Work Sampling. SECTION VI SPECIAL ISSUES FOR HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGERS: The Effective Committee. Managing the Time Factors of Managers and Employees. Managing Change as a Health-care Professional. Personal and Professional Career Management. GLOSSARY. INDEX. Read more About the Author Rozella Mattingly, EMBA, RHIA is the former Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Health Information Management at Loma Linda University School of Allied Health Professions in Loma Linda, CA. Ms. Mattingly established the school's first Coding Specialist Program in 1987. Read more